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Providing products and services our customers want since 1982
Welcome to Tarrant Hydraulic Service, L.L.C.

Tarrant Hydraulic Service. specializes in custom cylinder manufacturing, along with repairs of pumps, motors, valves and lube equipment.

Tarrant Hydraulic Service provides service to Steel Mills, Pulp and Paper Mills, Foundries, Mining, Construction, Transportation, Excavating and Marine and Ship Yards.  


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Our Commitment

At Tarrant Hydraulic Service, safety, quality and “commitment to the customer” are our focus for today, and for the future.  Tarrant’s goal is to set the highest standard for safety and quality, and to have satisfied and loyal customers, so that we can remain the quality provider and preferred business partner in our market.

Tarrant Hydraulic Service is ISO 9001:2000 certified.